Bellamianta Tan review!




Most people already know all about this tan but a few people have been asking me just how good it really is.

I am totally obsessed with this product.  I have tried so many fake tans over the years and there are a few that I really like but Bellamianta just completely tops the list for me.

Bellamianta Rapid Mousse is a gorgeous olive toned, very natural looking tan that can be as dark as you like depending on the length of time you leave it on.

I use the rapid mousse tan and I apply it with the Bellamianta tanning mitt.  I normally apply it at night before bed and shower off the next morning.  After a day or two I gently exfoliate every time I shower and the tan wears off naturally and I reapply it. It normally lasts me 5 days roughly.

One thing that is a huge deal breaker for me, when it comes to fake tan, is how it wears off.  I absolutely hate when you have to scrub your skin raw for days and you are still left with patchy, scaly bits.  I have had absolutely none of that with Bellamianta.  This tan wears off so well and natural.  I even wore this tan on my honeymoon, which I never normally would as I would always be left scaly after a couple of days in and out of the water, but it just wore off naturally and evenly.

I have only used the mousse so I can’t comment on the lotion, as I’m not great at applying lotion and have always preferred a mousse.

Bellamianta is available now at most pharmacies and on the Bellamianta website and costs around €20.00.


Let me know if you have used this tan before and if you love it as much as I do.


Love & Hugs





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